We love connecting with local families- here are a few reviews from our amazing customers:

"Palestina and Jocelyn are so sweet, warm, and welcoming. They are a knowledgeable team willing and eager to help you with every desire and concern. There is a beautiful section of products to choose from. As for baby carriers, not sure which direction to head? Head to Instinctive Parent, they will help you and show you how to use them all by trying them on. They may be running a business but they've formed a new friendship here. Can't say enough about this business and these girls. Good luck!" -Nicole N.

"I have loved my experience with Full Moon Diapers and working with Jocelyn! I feel good about making an environmentally wiser decision every time I use a cloth diaper instead of throwing a soiled diaper into the trash. I also have been thrilled that my daughter has had no rashes at all since I began using cloth diapers. Jocelyn has been very accessible and encouraging throughout figuring out what works best for us.  Her flexibility and understanding has been very appreciated. I would highly recommend Full Moon Diapers for people looking for healthier options for their children and the earth." -Elizabeth R.

"I bought my gorgeous LILLEbaby complete all seasons carrier from Instinctive Parent back in February. I’d been experiencing low back pain since the birth of my daughter and had all but stopped babywearing since it was so uncomfortable in my other carrier. I met with Palestina and she let me try on several options, but I quickly fell in love with the LILLEbaby complete. It offered so much structure and support without feeling super bulky.

The real test came when my 11-month- old daughter had minor surgery right after I bought the LILLEbaby carrier. I spent over 6 hours bouncing and shushing my sweet, tired lady that morning on the surgical floor waiting for her to be called. Just as we reached the pre-op room, she finally relaxed and fell asleep. The doctors actually allowed me to wearing my sleeping daughter all the way to the operating room and she was able to go peacefully into surgery.

I’m grateful that the LILLEbaby carrier allowed me to offer my daughter comfort during a difficult day, while still giving my body the support it needed. Despite being on my feet for hours and actively consoling a 20 pound baby, my back did not hurt- and I give all the credit to the LILLEbaby." -Sarah Puleo 

"What a great much needed shop! I really wanted to carry my son but no one could help me to make sure I had the fit right. I stopped in to see Palestina who not only helped with my Lillebaby, she also re-introduced me to wrapping. Which is not as scary as it looks!" - Beverly P.

"I feel so lucky to have this shop nearby! Palestina is a wealth of babywearing knowledge. Be it wraps or SSCs or somewhere in between. Jocelyn was INCREDIBLE at helping my husband and I decipher all the cloth diapering knowledge. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, like hanging out with amazing new mama friends." -Paige M.

"Got my first hands on woven wrap experience. Great instructions, demo, and products. Laid back mama friendly atmosphere, breastfeeding welcome, and good place to see others with different ages." -Jocelyn T.