The Benefits of Kangaroo Care

What is Kangaroo Care?

                    What’s sweeter than a newborn snuggled up to you, content and asleep? Did you know this very act, which feels completely instinctual, has amazing health benefits for both mama and baby? Skin-to-skin snuggles are also called Kangaroo Care. Kangaroo Care consists of holding a bare baby (diapered or not) chest-to-chest with a caregiver. There has been an increasing trend in hospitals to promote skin-to-skin immediately after birth because of the benefits involved for both mother and baby. Studies show that it fulfills the basic biological needs of the mother and baby, especially when maintained for the first 2 hours after birth.

Ways that Kangaroo Care helps babies*:

  • Regulates heart rate and oxygenation
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Increases blood glucose levels
  • Decreases cortisol/stresslevels
  • Increase in smiling at 3 months
  • Increase in breastfeeding success

Ways that Kangaroo Care helps mothers:

  • Inc...
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It’s World Breastfeeding Week!

It's World Breast Feeding Week 2017! We had a chance to ask local lactation consultant, Chrissy Nelson RN, BSN, IBCLC some questions about her work with families, as well as about breastfeeding in general. Here's what she shared:
What inspired you to work in lactation support?
I was always drawn to it. I was always that nurse that all the other nurses asked to go help their patients with breastfeeding.   I see a common need among families for breastfeeding education and support in the US. Lactation is a HUGE part of life with a newborn.  Newborns up to age four months eat every three hours or more… it takes a lot of time and energy from new parents.   I’ve found that with proper education, guidance, and support, mamas can have the most success with breastfeeding their babies.

Can you tell us exactly what types of things you support women with in terms of feeding?

Everything and Anything to do with the maternal mammary glands, newborn nutrition, breastfeeding and suppo...
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Baby Carriers: Why Buy New?

A common post in parenting groups is a parent asking about baby carriers. It's usually someone new to babywearing. They are typically bombarded with multiple different carriers being touted as "the best" and inevitably someone, usually a very seasoned wearer, tells them to head to a used carrier trade site to purchase. Purchasing this way may save them about $15.00, sometimes more if they are really lucky. As an educator this tidbit of wisdom always makes me cringe. And here's why: Purchasing used bears an element of risk, especially if you are buying sight unseen from a stranger online. There is no way to know if the carrier was stored properly, if it has damage that could compromise the safety of the carrier (washed improperly, bleached, sun damage, heat damage from car storage in hot climates, etc), or if you will even receive what you pay for. Sadly, scammers are in every type of resale group. Used carriers are not covered by manufacturer warranty should a defect ari...
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Cloth Diaper User Guide

Cloth Diapering Tips

You’ve decided to use cloth diapers with your baby.  That’s great!  We want to help you with your cloth diapering journey. Read on for our best cloth diapering tips to get you started.

How Many Cloth Diapers Should You Buy?

First of all, you need to know how many diapers you should buy.  If you have a newborn and plan on washing your diapers every 2-3 days, you should start with 24-30 diapers/inserts.  For a baby/toddler 6 months and older, you will need fewer diapers, about 20-24.

Prepping Your Cloth Diapers for Use

Your diapers will most likely need to be prepped to build up their absorbency (see manufacturer’s instructions if this needs to be done) before putting on your baby.  This means they will need to be washed AND dried at least 3 times with hot water before they are ready to be used.

Storing Your Soiled Cloth Diapers

To store your soiled diapers, you will need two reusable pail liners. You may choose to hang this near the changing t...
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5 Top Cloth Diapering Myths

Cloth diapering has come a long way from pins and plastic pants. Cloth diapers are slimmer, sleeker and cuter than ever! There are still a lot of myths and preconceived notions many of our clients tell us are the reason they were originally hesitant to try. We are here to tell you- it's easier than you think! We promise! Here are the top 5 cloth diapering questions that come up when chatting with parents about diapering their babies: Topazlifestyle cloth diapers Instinctive Parent Pembroke MA 1. Isn't it a lot of work? Not at all! Caring for your diapers is as simple as one to two extra loads of laundry a week. Most of the diaper varieties stack neatly together and don't require any folding. They use 1/4 of the regular amount of laundry detergent that your clothing does. Instead of putting that diaper in your trash can, (producing mountains of garbage to remove each week) you place it in a wet bag and then wash from there. Exclusively breastfed baby poo is water soluble and can be washed without rinsing. When baby is older, most po...
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Why Facebook Can’t Tell You What Baby Carrier To Buy

Facebook is pretty awesome, am I right?  You are able to find a Facebook group on every topic there is, even topics within a topic. Did you know there is even a group for Whovian Babywearers, for example? From baby carriers to cloth diapers, there are forums for everything. Due to the specific nature of many of these public forums, an intimate camaraderie is found with like minded strangers who quickly become like friends. Step Brothers Meme

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The only down side to this wealth of information, well informed or not, is it gives many users the sense that it is the end all be all of answerdom. Facebook has become the new Google. The fact is, it is impossible to ask questions of the internet in which a hands on approach will give you the best answer. This is the number one reason I don't buy jeans online. I HAVE to try them on. This is also the number one reason baby carriers should not be purchased based on other's reviews alone. Inevitably, often a brand new mom, will post a quest...
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Instinctive Parent’s First Workshop

Today was my first time running an introduction to baby wearing workshop. I was filled with jitters, but mostly excitement. The host space was located at South Shore Home Birth Midwifery in Hingham. It was spacious, homey, and just perfect for the workshop. Three ladies (and one gent!) attended and I was able to go over a brief history of baby wearing, basic safety and a general overview of all the carriers I sell. After I was done with what I had prepared, I was able to let the moms and dad try carriers and we even had a couple back carries with wraps happen! Overall I hope everyone who came walked away with a little bit more knowledge about keeping their little ones close. I have another workshop planned for the same location for next month. Stay tuned via my website or Facebook. Just to know what to expect- I have the workshop setup similar to a class so coming at the beginning is helpful. (No, you do not need a carrier to attend.) While I will never turn away a paren...
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Just another day

Today was just another day baby wearing. I've heard it said that babywearing is difficult. This statement gives me the feeling of it being a seriously conscious act. As if carrying your child was a dedicated hobby, making it more complicated than it actually is. A sort of elite mommy club that only the most skilled can be a part of. In our household, it certainly is a way of life. But the thought process is pretty simple- Baby Girl is fussing while sitting on the floor. I know she wants up. I have things to do. I grab a baby carrier. The most thought is related to what I have to get done and if I need her on my back or my front to be the most productive. No club. No awards won. Just a happy, usually soon to succumb to sleepy dust baby. And a mommy who can get on with her day. This is what I love the most about wearing my babies. The simplicity of strengthening our attachment through daily life. And its one of the things I will miss the most about my children being ...
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